How to Launch a Successful Real Estate Photography Business in the Next 30 Days

Transform Your Hobby to a Business

Do you have a passion for both photography and real estate?

Not sure how to build your photography business?

You're in the right place!

I built my real estate photography business by working with one of the best realtors in Charlottesville, Virginia. That realtor told me, "A great photographer is critical to our marketing plan. They can make every property, no matter what the price range, stand out...and this makes our phones ring!"

Yes, anyone can take a photo with an iPhone or Droid, but that doesn't mean the quality is of a professional level. Add to it the advent of websites like Zillow and Trulia, and the pressure is on for real estate agents to deliver high quality images to showcase their clients’ homes for potential buyers. After doing additional research and looking at a lot of real estate sites, I couldn't help but notice that the quality of images actually has increased greatly. Why? Well, it is evident that real estate agents are taking online presence and the influence of quality images much more seriously. I believe that this is due to their effort to hire professional photographers for the jobs. That's where YOU come in!

"Heather Hummel has been an invaluable resource for my real estate photography needs. She is fair, friendly, and easy to work with. My clients love having her come to their houses because they know she'll get the job done."

- Joan Esposito, Roy Wheeler, Charlottesville, VA

As you might realize, real estate photography has historically showcased disastrous images. It's a wonder some houses sold at all. Yet, the business of real estate photography has made an impact, and the concept of hiring a professional photographer for the job is more prevalent. In fact, many agencies have in-house photographers available to them.

At any given time, Charlottesville, where I do most of my shoots, has approximately 300 real estate listings by agents. As I searched through listings while putting together this course, I found images with toilet seats up, magnets on the refrigerator, and some that could clearly have used a professional editing service, but overall the quality was improved compared to past years.

The Big Apple

In 1985, I hopped on a train to New York City. Growing up in Connecticut, I had been on the train into the Big Apple on numerous occasions in my twenty years. I knew every stop on the MetroNorth train into Grand Central Station.

However, I always looked at the city through the wide eyes of a young girl, but never had I seen it through that of a camera lens...until that day.

As I emerged from the belly of Grand Central Station and onto 42nd Street, I gripped my camera and began to look around.

It didn't take but a few blocks of walking before I came across a construction site. It was lunchtime and these four workers were enjoying their break. I asked them if I could take a picture of them, and as you can see: some smiled, some kept eating or reading, and one drank a Perrier while the others toasted me with Budweiser (hey, it was 1985!). To this day, this is my favorite capture.

Every time I look back on it I smile because it reminds me that I took the initiative to head into the Big Apple and test out my street photography skills. I overcame my fear of approaching strangers and of working my craft in a new environment.

They would never know it, but I was forever changed as a photographer because of these four construction workers. They are WHY I still capture photos to this day. They are my "Why"!

I spent the next thirty-plus
years honing my craft (because
you never stop learning)

What's YOUR "WHY?"

Is it to make extra money on the side? Or do you want to be a full-time real estate photographer? Are you ready to take off the training wheels and let you and your DSLR fly?

You can start earning money in real estate
photography in the next 30 days!

In this course, you will learn to tell the difference between an agent who shoots their client’s home with their smart phone and an agent who hires a professional. You can make yourself an invaluable resource to any agent with the right equipment, mindset, and approach.

What's in it for YOU...

Imagine understanding all of this:

  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Staging
  • Angles and lighting
  • Photo editing
  • Cover Letter
  • Promotional flyer
  • Price sheet
  • Private Facebook group for sharing photos

The presale cost of this course can be earned
back with just ONE photo shoot.

This course launches on Thursday, August 30th. Enroll TODAY at the presale price!

Your Course: Your Pace

The beauty of this self-paced course is that you can work it into your schedule. Treat it like a cup of tea and savor it or gulp it down like Gatorade; whatever your pace, it's accessible as you need it.

When new material is uploaded, you'll have immediate access to it. Best of all, you will have access from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, so you can have it in the field with you! A combination of PDFs and videos make it easy to download and read or watch.

It's not the destination—it's the journey!

I personally have driven across the United States 10 times (six with my dogs). I've captured images from Virginia to Florida to California to Idaho to Wyoming to Colorado to the Dakotas and all over New England. I've been up in a Cessna airplane to capture an aerial shot of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, which ended up in an exhibit in Italy! My work has also been on exhibit in New York City, Idaho,Colorado, and Virginia. It's been on the cover and interior of magazines and licensed through curators. Additionally, I have two traditionally published photography books: Master Low Light Photography: Create Beautiful Images from Twilight to Dawn and Photographing Water: Expert Techniques for Capturing the Beauty of Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Rainstorms, and More (stay tuned for the course on photographing water!).

My journey started with my Canon AE-1 and a high school photography course. You are lucky—no smelly darkrooms with chemicals or a schedule to stick to. You have the luxury of taking this course online at your own pace. That's why my students are happy to be here.

If you're ready to start your own journey with your DSLR camera...

to capture stunning real estate images that you could never have imagined before...

Then join How to Launch a Successful Real Estate Photography Business in the Next 30 Days TODAY!

This course is less than you probably spent on your DSLR camera...especially when you add in the extra lenses, filters, tripods, and camera bags.

I promise you will love this course.

If not, no worries. You'll get 100% of your money back if you decide within 30 days that it's not for you.

It's true—if for any reason you are not satisfied with How to Launch a Successful Real Estate Photography Business in the Next 30 Days, let me know and I'll refund your payment. Just send an email to me at [email protected] and I'll refund your money. Fair enough?

Here's What You Get in the How to Launch a Successful Real Estate Photography Business in the Next 30 Days Course

PART I: Transform Your Photography Hobby into a Profitable Business

  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing
  3. Pricing

PART II: The Shoot

  1. Staging
  2. Angles and lighting
  3. Photo editing

PART III: Templates and Add-Ons

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Promotional flyer
  3. Price sheet
  4. Private Facebook group for sharing photos

Choose between two payment options:
1 Time Payment of $149 or 2 Monthly Payments of $79



Your Instructor


Heather Hummel Photography spreads pixel dust on real estate and landscapes. She works extensively with real estate agents in Virginia and Florida. Her lens has captured homes ranging from modest townhouses to multimillion dollar properties.

As an internationally recognized photographer, Heather's landscape photography has been on exhibit in places such as:

  • Palladio Museum in Vicenza, Italy “Jefferson and Palladio: Constructing a New World” - aerial image of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
  • Idaho State Historical Museum, Boise, Idaho
  • Agora Gallery, Chelsea District of New York City
  • C'ville Coffee, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Valley View Hospital, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Additionally, Heather's photos have appeared on the covers and interiors of Point Lobos and Cultivate magazines as well as licensed through Richard Lewis Media Group and ImageBrief.

Heather has captured the images of celebrities and public figures that include: Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, Ray Romano, Huey Lewis, Kenny G, and more. She was also a featured blogger on the Huffington Post for several years.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

This course is not open for enrollment.